A genuine concern for our environment was the launch pad for SmartPallet.Protecting people, the planet and products by supplying innovative cardboard pallets.

Discover all the advantages of our sustainable pallets.





Export ready


Easy & safe handling

Shock absorbent



Smart Pallet Sketch

Smart Pallet

A hygienic and lightweight product that’s designed to reduce your carbon footprint, including other endless advantages

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Smart Pallet Box Sketch

Smart Pallet Box

Up to 7% more volumetric capacity, excellent product-damage protection, ideal platform for in-store displays, efficient and quick assembly

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Smart Pallet Airfreight Sketch

Smart Pallet Airfreight

Up to 85 % lighter than standard pallets, full space coverage on ULD platforms, less loading time, and no manual load sorting

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Order a test pallet

Not yet convinced by our sustainable, customisable and ergonomic solutions? Order a free test pallet now and see for yourself.

Personalise your pallets

Looking to personalise your pallets seamlessly to meet your needs? Well, look no further. Our product has a multitude of uses.

Leading solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors

SmartPallet is the solution of choice for a wide range of industrial sectors, including air freight, pharma, display and last mile distribution. Of course, there are many more opportunities going forward. Find out how SmartPallet can be your transport solution.

  • Pharma

    Safety matters for the pallet loader and the load. And that’s exactly what we guarantee with our hygienic pallets. No bacteria, no splinters, no dust, no mould.

  • Air freight & cargo

    Why carry 20kg more than necessary? Did you know that 1 litre of kerosene is needed to transport 20kg over a distance of 1 000 km? 20kg is the difference in weight between a wooden pallet and a SmartPallet. The SmartPallet is ultra-light and ISPM 15 exempted. It’s the ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on transport costs.

  • Display

    Light, strong and print ready. Our pallets will support your branded POS and are easy and cost-effective to dispose of.

  • Food

    SmartPallet offers a hygienic and safe solution. Made from recycled cardboard and 100% recyclable itself, it helps reduce your ecological footprint. The SmartPallet is a clean product that can be used as a carrier in the primary zone. It’s dust-proof, germ and mould-free.

  • Last mile distribution & export

    What can a bakery, bank branch or garage do with their wooden pallets? How do they get rid of them? SmartPallet is an environmentally friendly solution that is light to handle and easy to dispose of.

  • Tailor made solutions

    The SmartPallet can be personalised with your logo or slogan/message from the shipper.

We care about the environment

Cardboard outscores wood or plastic in life cycle studies. Corrugated pallets are the answer for responsible companies that want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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