Outstanding R&D

An amazing team of entrepreneurs and engineers started up SmartPallet in February 2014, a young company that produces and sells corrugated cardboard pallets on the European market.  Our pallets are made by ingenuously folding and assembling cardboard so that they can carry loads of up to 2 tonnes. Engineered and built in Mechelen, the automatic production line allows corrugated pallets to be mass produced at competitive prices. Our pallets are ultra-light and strong, hygienic, ergonomic and, most importantly, help protect the environment. They make a real difference to the supply chains of our customers.

Vision & mission

To protect people, the planet and products by supplying innovative and ecological pallets.

To provide caring transport solutions.

An innovation-driven company

The SmartPallet is a sustainable and innovative product.  Its concept is patented and innovative, as is its design and method of production.

Our philosophy

Because of ongoing climate change and the poor results generated by wooden pallets in life cycle studies, we believe the world needs an alternative to the non-sustainable wooden pallets that dominate the market for handling and storing goods.  In our mind, clearing forests some 2 000km away just to get low-grade hardwood to produce traditional wooden pallets is anything but a sustainable solution.    

There are alternatives such as plastic, corrugated or metal pallets, but it is the cardboard pallet that outscores all of them in life cycle studies.

In the past, a lack of strength and high production costs prevented the cardboard pallet from gaining a foothold in the market.  Both of these shortcomings have since been successfully resolved by the SmartPallet team.

Corrugated cardboard sheets are folded and assembled in a smart way to form a strong pallet.  SmartPallets are sustainable, recyclable, ultra-light, robust, hygienic, shock-absorbent and export ready.  They offer considerable advantages to customers mainly in the Air Cargo, Pharma, Food, Last Mile Distribution and Display sectors.


If you’d like to join us in writing a beautiful story that will have a significant impact on product transportation, in particular, and on our future lives, in general, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just send us your CV and a covering letter.